Domestic & Residential Carpet Cleaning

Why Choose AZ Carpet Cleaning to Clean Your Carpets?

We pride ourselves in giving you superior results and will arrange the best carpet and upholstery cleaning method to suite your budget. We clean all different types of carpets and upholstery. We arrive on time, giving professional honest advice working with integrity to give you a superior carpet clean.

When we clean your carpets and other domestic products we are not only removing dirt, but many contaminants that cause allergies too. Regular cleaning is essential to prolong the life of your carpet, keep it looking its best and to create a better indoor air quality for your family. AZ Carpet will deep clean your carpet and this will remove the following:

Dust Mites

Pet Dander

Stains and Spots

Dust Mites Droppings

Pet Odours

Dead Skin Cells

Allergens and Dirt

Residual odours and dust mites from your carpet

Urine from Pets

And much more

We are also more than happy to move around any furniture without any extra charge and will happily work weekends or evening at your request.