Clean carpets improve indoor air quality


Carpets are more than a soft surface beneath your feet and more than a colourful expression of your personal taste and identity. They are the guardians of your home’s air supply, and defenders of the chest. Your carpet functions as a filter, trapping dust and other nasty allergens. This removes them from circulating your home through the air that you breathe.

As with all filters, carpets need to be regularly cleaned to maintain effectiveness. Regular vacuuming can help improve air quality, potentially leading to large health benefits, especially to asthma sufferers. Unfortunately, domestic vacuum cleaners often lack the power to attack the more substantial dirt, such as mud and other filth. Deeply engrained dirt can lead to significant damage to the carpet’s fibres, compromising its ability to filter the air supply, as well as causing considerable visible wear.

Domestic cleaning methods may not be enough to keep your carpet’s appearance and effectiveness at maximum. Professional carpet cleaning may be required to ensure a clean and safe air supply for you and your family.

We can help!

AZ Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning can restore your carpets to their former glory using our state of the art equipment and vast experience. Our method is tried, tested and trusted. We begin by focusing on the most difficult stains, using specialist stain removal techniques.  A heavy duty pre-spray is then applied to your carpets to separate built-up dirt from the fibres of your carpet. We then perform high pressure hot water extraction to your carpets, which involves a vacuum to physically remove all dirt from your carpet. The carpet is then rinsed to remove any residue.

We cover a wide range of areas surrounding the Manchester and Stockpot area. Contact us to find out how we can help you improve the appearance of your carpets and the air quality of your home.